FIDGETSTYX • Knuckle Roller • Oak Floor • Oil Finish
FIDGETSTYX • Knuckle Roller • Oak Floor • Oil Finish

FIDGETSTYX • Knuckle Roller • Oak Floor • Oil Finish

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We are happy to announce the launch of Fidgetstyx, available exclusively on This knuckle roller is made by hand in Kula Hawaii by owner Garth Marriott. All the woods are sourced locally, are recycled, remnants from various sources. 

Through years of woodworking Garth has acquired a vast collection of various woods and has relationships with various high end furniture and art makers on island that are happy to have pother makers time and pillage through their scraps to get them used not just burned in the next camp fire. 

These here are made from left over oak floor pieces from Garth's home. These will be limited but last time we checked there was a TON of the flooring left so....we can make  ton in need. 

They are nice and solid. There is a smoothness that OAK will get over other woods that you just can't compare. We sane these down to 400 grit...this baby is smooth.

The vary slightly in size due to being hand made.

Most run 2 5/8" - 2 7/8" in length. 

Average weight is 6 grams. So they light enough for you to use em all day long and not get hang fatigue. 

These are treaded with wood oil that is food safe. We may offer lacquered models eventually, still testing those now.

While these are fun for kids of all ages we do not recommend that children under the age of 6 use them unattended as they pose a choking hazard.