FIDGETSTYX • ARCHIVES • Knuckle Roller • Banksia Pod • Oil Finish

FIDGETSTYX • ARCHIVES • Knuckle Roller • Banksia Pod • Oil Finish

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We are happy to announce the launch of Fidgetstyx, available exclusively on This knuckle roller is made by hand in Kula Hawaii by owner Garth Marriott. All the woods are sourced locally, are recycled, remnants from various sources. 

Through years of woodworking Garth has acquired a vast collection of various woods and has relationships with various high end furniture and art makers on island that are happy to have pother makers time and pillage through their scraps to get them used not just burned in the next camp fire. 

This special one is made from a Banksia Tree Pod. We are in the process of harvesting more of the pods so be on the look out for more of these in the near future.

They are nice and solid even with all those natural holes...the holes are where the seeds are stored. These pods are simply amazing to look at the natural details. 


This measures just over 2 1/2" in length and is approx .25 inches in diameter in the smallest part of the shaft. The balls are approx 5/8" in diameter. Sides are as even as can get with all them holes :P 

Weight is 6 grams. So this is surprisingly dense for having all those holes too...imagine of it was solid what it would weigh?

This has been treated with a food grade wood oil. This one does not glisten like the ones with the lacquer finish but many people prefer the non-lacquered and we aim to please :P

While these are fun for kids of all ages we do not recommend that children under the age of 6 use them unattended as they pose a choking hazard.