Steampunk Spinners

Born on the shores of Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota the Steampunk Spinners Brand is legendary for creating awesome, original fidget spinner designs that are often copied – but never duplicated.  With over 10,000 spinners sold including the best-selling PHAT BOY line (and dozens of other models like the Pudge, Idler, Sharknado, Punisher, Hand Cannon, Minion and original tri-beam), we knew we would get something polished, massive and wicked-awesome when we asked them to create this limited edition 808 spinner for

To check out the Steampunk Spinners line, visit their website at  This 808 spinner was created exclusively for and will not be available anywhere else.  If you DO see it anywhere else let us know so we can issue a smack-down.

As Chinese copycats and cave-dwelling spinner forum lurkers have discovered – you do NOT want to piss them off.  Their designs are original, copyrighted and they work hard to ‘set wannabes straight.’  You feelin me?

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